Multi-Day Programs

Outdoor Experiential Education Programs

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow runs several multi-day outdoor experiential education trips throughout the year. Students participate in hiking, backpacking, and rock climbing adventures with experienced guides in order to get students out of their comfort zones and to develop leadership and communication skills.

Outdoor adventures that build real-world skills

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow has found that if you want to encourages leadership, communication, and getting out of your comfort zone, outdoor adventure is the way to do it! For many students, our multi-day trips are their first experience hiking or camping. At a glance, a casual observer at camp may see kids being kids as they explore the outdoors. We see children becoming strong, healthy, and happy adults – learning communication and leadership skills that they will carry with them for the rest of their lives.


Several times per year we offer multi-day backpacking trips in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Trips range from 3-15 days and give students ample opportunity to step out of their comfort zones, learn about themselves and to develop skills that can't be taught in the classroom.

Hiking and camping

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow takes students on hiking day trips and overnight camping adventures in the beautiful mountains of Southern California numerous times per year.

Canoe Trips

Our canoe adventures, held multiple times per year, is a weekend of community, connection, and adventure for students age 12-19. On an adventure from Hoover Dam to Bullhead City, AZ., we spend our days paddling and portaging with time at camp each day to relax, take a swim, and learn from one another.

Winter Programs

Each winter we go on several ski trips to area ski resorts - often the first time our students have been on a ski trip or have even seen snow! We also embark on a snow camping trip near Lake Tahoe.

Can you help us expand our multi-Day Outdoor Offerings?

Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow needs your help to increase our offerings for students. Donations help us fund our multi-day educational adventures - can you help us reach more students?